On Organizational Trauma


    By: Nicola Chin- Founder, Up With Community

    "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be free?” –Many, many people. Recently: Chris Guilllebeau.


    Sometimes I really, reallllllllllly want to be right. I want everyone to see things the way I see them. Wanting to be right is really about my desire to be good. When I don’t believe I’m good, I need to seek validation from others. And, as long as I’m seeking the validation of others to prove my goodness to myself - I can never be free.


    One of the first things I tell a new client is that I am not interested in right and wrong, except in cases of discrimination or breaches of our values or laws (and that usually gets highlighted in with lots of emphasis). I am interested in helping teams understand what is most useful to them given their purpose and desired outcomes.


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